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Contract Analysis

The detailed analysis and interpretation of risks and/or opportunities within construction contract documents. This service is particularly relevant to clients tendering for new works and those seeking a “health-check” of existing subcontracts/supply agreements.

The Service

G Gillis Ltd provides concise, informed and realistic advice to clients in respect of key risks within construction contract documents. This service offers benefits to various aspects of a client’s business, including:


The service enables clients to quickly understand the key contractual risks in tender documentation, and therefore assists in the negotiation of more favourable contract terms

Existing Contracts

Similar in nature to the service associated with tendering/sales documentation, this service focusses on secured works/agreed contracts. In such instances contract risks cannot be removed and/or lessened via negotiation. Therefore, this service identifies contractual risks and provides advice in respect of management/operational procedures that can be employed to manage the same; and

Subcontracts/supply agreements

Focussed on subcontract/supply-chain risk, this service provides a “health-check” on existing subcontract terms – particularly focussing on key areas of risk, including:

Construction Act compliance

do the payment terms included within such documents meet with the statutory requirements of the Construction Act (HGCRA 1996, as amended by LDEDCA 2009)?

Risk allocation

does the subcontract clearly allocate relevant obligations and risks from the head contract to the subcontractor?

The advice provided associated with this can significantly reduce supply-chain risk.